Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weight Watchers Online vs My Fitness Pal

Today, I unsubscribed from Weight Watchers Online. I'm scared to death! I've been with Weight Watchers for only a month and I've loved it but not without some complaints. I'm scared just because I love the flexibility that WW gives. I love having weekly allowance points and I'm just used to it by now. In spite of all that, I can't get over the fact that My Fitness Pal is basically a carbon copy of the WW app for FREE. Did I say it right? IT'S FREE!!! I think the WW program is great if you go to the meetings, but I just don't think the online version is worth it when there is an almost identical FREE program available.

Don't you dare to think I made this decision lightly. What about all the recipes I've already saved on the WW app? What about the weekly allowance points? What about the Simply Filling foods? It was really hard making this decision, but I'll share with you my reasons. First of all, I like knowing how many calories are in my food. It gives me a sense of control. Every time, I've started a "diet", I've lost weight quite rapidly on the first weeks. This didn't happen on WW. I think this is mainly because of the "free" foods. Not that I think, it's not a good approach, because the first days are the hardest and these "free" foods didn't let me go hungry at any time. Nonetheless, at this point, I think I need to restrict my calorie intake a little bit more to lose weight a bit faster. You could argue that you can lower your points on WW, which is true, but this was not my only reason to take the plunge.

I feel that MFP food scanner and database is broader that WW's. And this is just personal opinion because I have no way of knowing for sure, but I think WW doesn't include some other brands items because of business competition. This upsets me a little bit because not only am I paying for their product, but there are Healthy Choice items or Kashi items, or other brands that I consume on a regular basis and I can't just scan them at the supermarket. In addition to this, if I want to use the handy dandy WW calculator, I have to input the Fat, the Carbs, the Fiber, and the Protein. Ughhh!!! Do you know how long this takes at the supermarket? Let me tell you, WAY TOO LONG!! With MFP, you only have to look at the calories of the item itself and since you've gotten use to know how many calories you should have for a meal, you more or less know if it's fine. And if you're home and the scanner doesn't find your item, you can just make a quick add of the calories on the item and that's it.

Lastly but not least, the WW recipe builder drives me nuts. Who understands this thing?! I have a smoothie recipe I love, that I will share with you down here. It's all fruit except for 1 container of light greek yogurt and 2 tsp of honey per 2 servings that I like to add. If a yogurt is 2 WW points and 2 tsp of honey are 1 WW point, one serving of my smoothie shouldn't be more than 2 WW points maximum. Well, add it to the recipe builder, apparently it does a mathematical algorithm and it turns out to be 5 WW points. What does that mean? Should I just add the ingredients one by one, or use the recipe builder? Am I cheating if I don't use it? I don't know! But this problem was settled by MFP, because even fruits have calories and you just add them your food diary and keep on counting your daily calories.

Sorry if any of you found this was a WW's haters rant. That isn't my purpose at all. My husband and I just don't have the money to pay for both of us to go to the meetings, which I feel can be really helpful. So, we had to settle for WW Online. This product is the one I think is not worth it. If anything I've said here is wrong or you think otherwise, please let me know in the comments. You might still convince me to go back.

A hug to all the WW fans out there.
Stay Strong, Keep Healthy!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie


  1. Actually I signed out WW online for the exact same reason. I did lose weight when I stuck to my daily allowance. But the extra just didn't make sense. Also the adding of the data and the constant need to input at every meal was driving me insane. I ended paying them for months without utilizing their app. I always thought I would go back. Until I found My Fitness Pal. I like that is it about calories. I find the 1200 calories tough to stick to but I am managing for the moment. I am with you on this one.

  2. Nothing in so many days? how are you doing?

  3. I'm an MFP girl. I've tried WW in the past but I think points are just overly complicated calories. :)