Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vegetarian.. to be or not to be?!

Although the benefits of vegetarianism are plenty... honestly, I don't consider myself capable of going full veggie! Mainly, because I love to taste all kinds of food and I love to cook and experiment with ingredients and food in general. And although, I definitely want to cook in a healthier way, I will not limit my ingredients that way like I would never settle for lettuce and a piece of chicken as a diet, like many people do. I firmly believe that healthy food doesn't have to be boring and tasteless. Just a few days ago, I baked some chicken wings that you would never believe were baked, along with some baked fries. They were so delicious that I ask myself why would anyone not try baking their chicken. There is absolutely no need to fry it and add all those calories and fat to your food.

On the other hand, lately I've been cooking some vegetarian recipes and I have found that they are everything but tasteless. I have absolutely loved them and this is coming from a person who has never even tried vegetarian food before. I most certainly will not become vegetarian... but will definitely incorporate many more vegetarian dishes into my everyday diet. Also, if you know me at all and know the passion I feel for animals, I feel that every vegan dish I incorporate into my diet is an animal less that has to suffer in a farm and later died inhumanely. That is also why I so deeply believe in buying organic food, but that's gonna be another blog subject...  :) Well, I leave you with my vegetarian dishes pics.

Always.. keep strong, keep healthy!


  1. We make baked fries all the time. Love them! I love finding new meat free recipes, but I don't think I could do full vegetarian. I am in awe of those who do!

    1. Right?! I really admire them!!! If you love baked fries, you should definitely try those baked wings (the link to the recipe is below the picture)! They were really yummy and crispy!! :) As always if you're trying to lose weight, watch you portions.. but there is absolutely no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of good food!!

    2. ...and by the way, I didn't even use the olive oil that the recipe calls for! I just sprayed the wings with cooking spray :)