Monday, February 17, 2014

Table for two!

A Harvard study showed that "Getting married raises the risk of a woman becoming overweight by 3.9 percentage points compared to peers who did not marry, and marriage increases her risk of obesity by 1.4 percentage points. The effect is more pronounced for men. Married men see a 6.1 percentage point rise in the risk of becoming overweight and a 3.3 percentage point increase in the risk of obesity." 
Palmer, Brian. (2013, October 24) Married people are happier and fatter. Retrieved on February 16, 2014 from

I don't know if it has to do with feeling loved, but I just do. Every time I am in a committed relationship I've gained weight. Since I met my husband, I have put on around an extra 50 pounds of PURE LOVE. hehehe :) For better or for worse, he has also gained a few extra pounds, which has a silver lining to it because he has been really encouraging about this "diet" and exercising. It is awesome to have your partner going through your same struggles and knowing that you are not alone in this. And although he has far fewer pounds than I to lose, it is nice.

On the other hand, it is hard to learn that he in fact can eat more than I do to stay in shape. At least, the Weight Watchers app let me know right away allotting him an extra 10 points to spend from the get go. I WANT those extra points. I CRAVE extra points. This has opened my eyes because in the past I would eat the same and even larger portions than him. And if this has happened to me, it certainly happens to someone else. I feel that when serving food at home it's normal for me to serve both of us more or less the same portions and the same if we go to a restaurant. If it's normal for everybody to eat not only certain foods but certain amounts, why would I stop eating earlier or serve me less food? I guess we are not all the same, and we should be able to be so in touch with our own body so that we are able to hear it say: "Hey.. I'm full already".

This will be specially challenging when we get to the maintenance phase. I know I will still have to restrain myself from food he can have. Hopefully, I will get enough experience during the weight losing phase so that I not only learn to cook, but to SERVE our plates in a healthier way.

Short monday post! Let me know if any of you deal with this type of issues! Is your spouse skinny, fat, eats more and never puts on weight?

Here I leave you with a great banana pancake recipe from  Eugenie Kitchen, my husband and I have been loving with sugar free syrup of course :)

This was my version!! Absolutely delicious! Try it!
Remember to keep strong, keep healthy!


  1. Yep, I struggle with portions too. I have a hard time stopping, but WW is definitely helping with that. Part of that is just knowing that I CAN be satisfied with one serving. The other part is bulking up my plate with lots of points bargains...that is, foods that take up a lot of visual space, but not a lot of points.

    1. I definitely get satisfied with my portions, but sometimes those extra points that my husbands gets mean an extra 'skinny cow ice cream sandwich'! And who wouldn't have space for that? hehehe! oh well! I have to be strong! And.. My husband has been spr encouraging! He doesn't even have anything if I don't even have one point left to get some kind of sweet!