Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Splurge

Happy Valentine's Day guys!!! I'm so excited to have started blogging right around Valentine's because there is so much to talk about celebrations like this one and weigh loss. I, personally, prefer not to go out on days like this because restaurants are crowded, food is substandard, service just plain and simple s*cks! So, I will probably make a trip to Costco and buy some lobster or scallops, find a nice recipe and fix that up for my hubby and me to enjoy over candlelight if I'm able to find some candles. That way, it will definitely be easier to track my Weight Watchers (WW) points/calories. But I get it, not all of you want to cook on Valentine's Day, or on your birthday or anniversary for that matter. You just wish that you could go to a restaurant, ask for anything on the menu, and not be worried how it will affect your weight loss. And that'd be the day MAN!!! That'd be the day!!! The day when restaurants will not serve ridiculously big portions and ridiculously fatty and high calorie food. This makes me so upset. It makes me think. Is nobody here trying to lose weight? Is everybody fit and comfortable with how their bodies look? Am I the only fat person here? And of course, the answer is NO. But we could be talking for hours about the problems of the food industry and how everything is made to make you fatter and fatter, but that will get us nowhere. What we need to focus is on ourselves and making us healthier, so we can live longer and enjoy life with our families, our spouses and our kids. So we will not only live longer, but live actively and to the fullest.

So, let's just try to go by this Valentine's Day, anniversary or birthday without gaining any more weight. First of all, today my goal is not to lose weigh but not to gain. Today, I will allow myself to use my WW weekly allowance points and maybe swap some of my activity points, since I did a longer than usual work-out yesterday. Today, I will try to limit the amount of candy and sweets I have, but I will definitely have some chocolate. I will probably have some chocolate-covered strawberries, which are only 1 WW point per piece. Not that bad. And today, I will just celebrate! And although, I will keep track of my points, I will try not to stress too much about it, because once in a while, we need a splurge. I think that is the secret behind permanent weight loss, being able to splurge maybe 2 times a month and go back to good habits the next day. I was watching Shaun T (Insanity exercise trainer) youtube videos yesterday and he said something I found really clever. "You just have to eat 85% good and 15% FUN." Today is my FUN day :) I will have a little bit of cereal with almond milk for breakfast, mostly fruit as snacks, a small portion of pasta and one meatless meatball for lunch and then on the evening, I'll have my FUN.

Important things to remember:
1. Try to workout!
2. Drink LOTS of water.
3. Eat slowly. Stop to sip water in between bites. Let your body tell you when enough is enough. It might be sooner than what you expected.
4. Keep track of your points/calories even though you know you will splurge, this way you will KNOW for sure what you are putting inside your body and you can get an extra work-out later on.
5. If you've been craving that Tiramisu, have IT!!! Just watch your portion size!

Enjoy! Happy Valentine's day!
Always.. keep strong, keep healthy!

P.S --> Leave me comments! How are you spending your Valentine's Day? :) <3

Nice Scallops recipe by Laura Vitale


  1. I'm actually working tonight =( hubby and I celebrated Tuesday night, though. I'm actually trying to peel myself out of bed now ugh lol hope your night was amazing! ~nicki

    1. Don't be sad! You got to celebrate it and didn't have to endure the crowds! My day actually didn't go as I had planned! My husband got out from work rather late for me to cook, so we went to a restaurant! We waited an hour and a half for a table O.O!!!! I am so not doing that again!!! I tried to eat slowed, which is a huge issue for me because I don't give time for my stomach to feel full, but I haven't counted my points! We'll see how that goes now :/ Nonetheless, Happy Valentine's Day o Night :)!