Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nothing tastes like bacon!

I'm a cook. I'm a foodie! I love eating and I'm not going to settle for tasteless food just to lose weight. In these past weeks, I have cooked 'burgers', pasta, "fried" chicken, french "fries" and I have still lost weight. How have I done it? Well, those weren't exactly burgers, they were homemade veggie burgers. And I'm also planning to do lean beef and turkey burgers, which are also perfectly fine. I've had precisely measured whole wheat pasta, baked chicken wings with baked "fries". I even dared to throw some fat free cheddar cheese on top of those fries and I am amazed at how good my food is tasting.

Nonetheless, I have been missing some food items that just can't be twisted to make healthy. In my case is not bacon, but a Puerto Rican "pizza" turnover, that I would usually make for breakfast. It is deep fried and I can't even measure how many calories are added in that deep-frying process. I don't know how the brand does it but it is sweet and savory at the same time. Crispy and flaky on the outside, airy and just pure deliciousness on the inside. I have thought to buy some baking dough to try to make my own in the oven. But who am I kidding?! Nothing will taste anything close to these 'empanadillas'.

This is why I use the bacon analogy. Even though there is turkey bacon or veggie bacon, we know nothing tastes like REAL BACON. And this is when us, in the weight losing phase, have to learn self control and set our priorities straight. For me, the decision has to be made in the supermarket aisle. Is this box of "empanadillas" worth the health of my family? I know if I buy it, sooner or later, all 5 "empanadillas" will be eaten by my husband and I. My husband may not have as much weight to lose as I have, but he's only 25 and has had his triglycerides elevated in the past year. For me, I think I have eaten plenty of them for a lifetime.

What I want to say is that although I could have one every once in a while, without really affecting my weight loss, I really prefer to stay away from buying a whole box, having it in the freezer and not being able to eat them. You could argue that I have no self control, and maybe you're right, but I'm working hard on it. I'll probably have an "empanadilla" later, but now, my eyes are set on the prize. I am focused and this is were I draw the line. I went out, I had my Valentine's day dinner, and I will allow myself other types of splurges, just not deep-fried food or other extremely high calorie meals. Where do you draw the line? What food item is just beyond what a 'Saturday cheat' can handle?

Keep strong, keep healthy!

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